Marianist Business Network: Conference on Business as a Vocation

04/03/2020 - 04/05/2020


Bergamo Retreat Center
4400 Shakertown Road
Dayton, OH 45430
United States of America


Conference on Business as a Vocation

Exploring Spirituality and Social Justice in Business


Sponsored by the Marianist Business Network

April 3-5, 2020



The Marianist Business Network is a group of business people who are associated with the Marianist Family and Marianist sponsored institutions. We are interested in exploring Business as a Vocation. The purpose of the Marianist Business Network is three-fold:

  1. To provide a forum to investigate how business contributes to the common good locally, nationally, and globally, and to provide communities that allow persons to engage in meaningful work.
  2. To provide a network of business professionals who support each other as they face difficult business issues, career paths, and job opportunities.
  3. To draw on the Marianist charism and Marianist spirituality as a foundation for a business vocation.



  1. To provide an introduction to the nature and purposes of the Marianist Business Network
  2. To explore how the Marianist Charism and the Catholic Social Justice tradition provides a foundation for:
    • The role of business in building the common good
    • Building communities of work
    • Addressing some of the complex and difficult issues of contemporary business.
  3. To explore how the Marianist Charism and Marianist Spirituality can support the call to a business vocation and to a work-life balance
  4. The Marianist Business Network is new. At the conference we will critique and develop its nature, its purpose, and its future agenda.



  1. We will be describing real-world business cases that each of us have had to deal with in business and will describe the resolution at the end of each case. We would like you to submit your real-world business case for use at the conference. All will be anonymous. The form for submitting a case for the conference is a one page summary of an actual business case you experienced. Part one should set the stage for the case and state the issues to be discussed. Part two should be the questions for discussion, and part three should be the actual resolution on the case. The cases will be edited to be anonymous. The case should be submitted in Microsoft Word and emailed to and Type in the Subject of the email: “Case for MBN Conference Apr 3-5”.
  2. We are looking for a mix of experienced business professionals both active and retired and young business people who are new to the business world or are Juniors or Seniors in a School of Business.
  3. The conference leaders are business professionals, young, and experienced as well as Marianist religious who have been working with us on the Marianist Business Network. Examples of the seven conference leaders are Albert E. Prendergast UD ’70 Retired Senior Executive, Bruce C. Kabat UD ’69 Retired Manufacturing Executive, and Bro. Ray Fitz S.M. UD 64’ UD  President Emeritus.
  4. The cost for the conference, accommodations and meals for the weekend at Bergamo is $250.00 for a single room. The cost for non-resident attendance is $100.00 for both in person and Live Streaming attendance. Active Student cost will be $25.00 per attendee. 
  5. Meal plans for non-residents and students are available on the registration website.
  6. Space is limited for resident attendees and we are reserving a number of spaces for Business Student attendees.  Please register early so that you are assured of a space.